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Somaya stödjour is a nonprofit women's and support group based in Stockholm, specializing in aiding those affected by honor-related violence. The primary sakeholders involved in this project include Somaya as the educational content provider, social service case workers who are the direct beneficiaries of the training, and indirectly, the individuals suffering from honor-related violence who are the ultimate focus of the program.

The challenge

The main challenge is addressing the sensitive and complex issue of honor-related violance, which requires deep understanding, compassion and appropriate skills. The training is aimed at case workers accross the entire country, indicating its accessibility and potentially broad impact.

Social service workers across various municipalities often face diverse conditions and resources, making standardized and effective training crucial yet challenging to implement.

The solution

The solution includes GO+ for distribution and follow-up, with content created in Articulate Storyline 360. A five-module training program was designed to equip social service workers with the necessary tools and knowledge to offer long-term, individualized support to victims. The training incorporates the Somaya model and associated methodological support, focusing on understanding domestic violence, individual needs assessment and applying these insights through real-life cases. Dramatization, speaker voices, and filmed interactions enhance engagement and realism.

The impact

The expected impact of the training includes enhanced competency among social service workers to effectively support individuals affected by honor-related violence, leading to better protection and assistance for them. The expectations for the training include a significant positive shift, not only for the trainees but also in the broader social management of honor-related violence.

We couldn't be happier with our collaboration with TicTac and the outcome of our joint efforts. It was a true partnership where TicTac guided us through the process in a secure, empathetic and responsive manner and where our respective skills yielded results that exceeded our expectations.

Julia Nosti, Communication strategist, Somaya stödjour

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