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With Docebo’s AI-powered learning platform – hosted in the EU

There’s really no limit to what you can do

To organize and distribute your learning material easily, you need a learning management system (LMS), often just called a platform. Docebo will take even the largest enterprise into the future.

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Unlock the power of learning

Docebo is your foundation to engage learners, streamline workflows for scale, simplify content management, integrate with your learning tech stack and ultimately drive business outcomes — now and into the future.

Innovation is the driving force behind Docebo – with AI at its core.

Docebo Learn – a game-changer

The core module of Docebo’s LMS is the starting point for everything you want to do. Docebo Learn is tailored for both large-scale enterprises and growing businesses.

What makes Docebo’s AI-powered LMS a game-changer in the world of eLearning? Dive right in to find out!

Work smarter, not harder

Close the skills gaps with AI

Docebo is the first LMS to use generative AI. You’ll be surprised at how intuitive it is, even as you’re scaling up your system – it adjusts on the fly to align your learner’s needs with your business needs.

Virtual coaching, auto-tagging and content suggestions – AI does the hard work, while your learners become more self-sufficient and learning paths more personalized. This leaves your admins with more time to focus on improving your programs.

So, as your learners grow, so does your business.

Transform your users’ experience with social learning

Discover, Coach & Share, Docebo’s AI-powered social learning solution, goes beyond the limits of formal training by bringing social learning and content curation into the LMS.

Drive business productivity, create a culture of continuous learning and let your subject matter experts shine.

Getting off ground

To get a new system up and running can be a daunting task. We’re here to help!

We assist you with the implementation your new platform for you – and assist you with how to integrate it with your other systems. If you have existing data and courses you want to keep, we can help you migrate them.

And of course we offer onboarding for your Docebo administrators. If you prefer in-person training, we offer that as well.

Expand your learning experience

Docebo Learn has a number of add-on features to make sure your platform delivers what you need. To really see the possibilities of Docebo, we recommend a personalized demonstration.

Extended Enterprises

reach users outside your organization

Discover, Coach & Share

enable social learning

Mobile app publisher

deliver on-brand mobile learning experiences


integrate your CRM

Docebo for Microsoft Teams learning

collaborate in MS Teams


Docebo has the perfect plan for your organization

Talk to us and we’ll find the best fit to make your Docebo journey successful!


Become a learning leader and deliver branded, personalized experiences to all your learning audiences.

Starting at


Based on a 3-year contract


All the power of Engage, plus additional analytics and learner engagement features to take your learning program to the next level.

Starting at


Based on a 3-year contract


For sophisticated enterprises with sophisticated needs. Get in touch for a tailored solution.

This plan has

custom pricing

Explore the world of Docebo

Are you intrigued yet? With Docebo Learn, we have only laid the foundation. When you’re ready for more, Docebo is up to the challenge. Have a glimpse at the world of Docebo!


Content makes or breaks your learning program. Shape’s AI does the heavy lifting for you to make engaging learning content in minutes, not hours.


Turn your LMS into a one-stop content shop. Tap into our library of the industry’s best e-learning content and get your programs up and running faster.

Learn LMS

Our flagship product combines 15+ years of industry leading design, functionality, and flexibility to scale for any team or use case. An AI-powered LMS built for the modern enterprise: social, collaborative, and on-the-job.

Learning impact

Get deeper insights into the effectiveness of your learning programs with built-in reporting, ready-to-go questionnaires, and next step action plans.

Learning Analytics

Put your data to work for you. Learning Analytics integrates with your LMS and 3rd-party systems—like Salesforce, Workday, and Zendesk—to show how your programs influence business KPIs.


Inject learning into the products your people use every day to deliver learning where and when it matters—in the flow of work.


Take the headache out of integrations. Leverage free and paid native integrations to connect your favorite tools for more flexibility.

Get your platform up and running fast and easy

To get a new system up and running can be a daunting task if you don’t do it daily … which we do! So let us implement your new platform for you. And to give you a fully connected ecosystem of learning and administration, we can assist you with how to integrate Docebo with your other systems. If you have existing data and courses you want to keep, we can help you migrate them.

We usually iron out all technical bumps within two to four weeks. Amazing, huh?

And of course we offer onboarding for your Docebo administrators. Our online tutorial (included in the platform) covers basic tasks such as adding users, planning their learning journeys and tracking their progress. If you prefer in-person training, we offer that as well.

Your success is our goal

Don’t let questions about your learning platform keep you from achieving your business goals.

When you buy Docebo from TicTac, you get access to our extensive knowledge base and community with answers to most customer questions, as well as best practices, tips, and the latest notifications. They’re sorted into categories such as Create and manage power users, Create and manage eLearning courses and Notifications. Important Docebo features such as AI & Automation have their own sections in the knowledge base.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, our manned support desk is ready to help. We welcome your query!

And don’t forget TicTac’s All in one place-offering. We’re here to help with your learning strategy and show you how to create learning paths and how to measure the impact of learning with Docebo – and much more.

Our support

Your extended team when you need us

TicTac’s support desk is ready to assist you when you’re stuck. As a Docebo customer, you simply open a ticket and you’ll hear back from our support team often within a business day.

Some things you need to see to believe

The best way to understand the full power of Docebo is to see it in action.

We’d love to give you a demo!

Still hesitant?

A few quick answers

Is Docebo too costly for smaller enterprises?

Docebo typically works best with companies who are:

  • Training at least 300+ learners yearly (customers, partners, employees).
  • About to outgrow their existing LMS and require a system that can match their growth trajectory.
  • Extending their L&D programs across multiple business units.
  • Translating their training content into foreign languages.
How many users can we register in Docebo? Is pricing affected by number of users?

Docebo is designed to scale with your business, so there’s no limit to the number of registered users. The pricing is based on the number of active users per month. Flexible, huh?

Does Docebo offer EU-hosting?

When you buy Docebo from TicTac, your data is hosted within the EU – even the support within all tiers is handled within the EU.

Do the Docebo learning tools support mobile learning?

Yes. Docebo has an award-winning native mobile learning application (Go.Learn). The app for mobile devices is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple stores. The solution is also fully responsive. Docebo also has a mobile app publisher, allowing for customization and publishing of your own mobile learning app based on the Go.Learn app (extra fees apply).

How many languages does Docebo support?

Docebo supports 40+ languages to localize your learning programs and bring accessibility while providing the best online training and course material to hit your target learning outcomes.

Does Docebo have a cloud storage limit?

No. Docebo pricing plans include unlimited cloud storage to support your training programs.

We use the Kirkpatrick model to discuss impact. Which of the 4 levels can Docebo cover?

Docebo Learning Impact, which is the functionality you refer to, covers levels 1-3 of Kirkpatrick.

Can we use Docebo to create digital learning ourselves?

Yes, of course! If you’re looking to produce AI-powered learning modules, you can do that in Docebo Shape, which is meant for less formal content and can be created within minutes.

We want to create digital learning ourselves, with an authoring tool. Which tools can you recommend with Docebo?

If you choose Articulate 360 and Vyond you can cover most types of content you may wish to produce. Together with Docebo Shape you are all set! Check them out!

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We help you choose the best platform and we set it up for you – here’s more about the process.

Training & Workshops

Become a pro at your new product through certified training. We have something for every need – let’s make a plan for you or your team.

Create digital learning yourself

The perfect companion to Docebo. The Articulate 360 suite lets you create digital learning material with ease and great results.

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