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The types who are also inflexible, humourless and robotic ... then you must look elsewhere

At TicTac, we love a challenge, even when we have to reinvent ourselves. We often ask colleagues to weigh in and we offer help without prestige.

We love creativity – and it comes with passion for what we do, curiosity about what’s around the corner and a strive to reach excellence in our projects.

Full disclosure

We’re a bunch of imperfect human beings who enjoy humour and sharing small talk. We’re young and less young, we’re from near and far, we’re outgoing and introvert, we’re new at TicTac and we’ve been here for over a decade … But for all that melting pot – fusion kitchen – mosaic of a group, we actually share one thing: we love agile processes and learning from one another. In fact, we love learning, full stop.

So, with that said …

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We’re not ordinary, we’re extraordinary

Production, Sweden

What's best about TicTac?
I love the team spirit and sense of unity at TicTac. Great colleagues and a really welcoming, open-minded environment!

Employee empowerment, Germany

What motivates you the most at TicTac?
I am thrilled every time I see how we live our values – curiosity, passion and excellence. We’re there for each other as one team across countries, each with their own strengths. To share knowledge to become better together is something we take for granted.

Content, Denmark

You’re a Swede, what are you doing in Denmark?
It's the age-old story ... love. I first fell in love with Jutland in 2016, and have wanted to live here ever since. I talked about it with a Danish colleague the other year, and a while later the stars aligned and I transferred to our office in Aarhus. I love it here: the job, my colleagues, the city ... and the sea.

Sales, Germany

You’re Italian, working in Germany for a Swedish company … are you a language expert? Is that required at TicTac?
To be honest, I am more German than Italian, but I love this internationality. How perfectly people with different cultures work together. It does help that we all share a love for good coffee 😉As for being an expert … I didn’t tick all the boxes but I’m a team player with a lot of passion and curiosity. At TicTac, we focus on learning also within our teams, so when you come to us, you’ll be helped and guided to excellence. Promise.

Platforms, Sweden

You always look happy ... what's that about? 
I love working with people and finding solutions that can be solved using technology. Making clients and colleagues happy puts a smile on my face. I have a curious mind and feel a passion to always understand/learn more, both regarding people and technology.

Team Lead Content, Denmark

What do you do at TicTac?
My typical workday is a dynamic blend of creativity, coordination, and planning. My focus is on supporting a positive and collaborative environment and empowering the team to deliver impactful learning experiences that make a difference.

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