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Image graph showing our e-learning work from start to finish. Starting with digital adoption, learning management systems (lms), authoring tools, support, training, design & content production.

To reach that trusted position, we have partnered up with providers of powerful digital learning software suites.

But we wouldn’t be where we are without the long experience of our dedicated people in helping customers sort through their needs and find their way forward.

And to make your journey easier, we have all digital learning solutions in one place and all the help you need to make it work.

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As our customer, you are also our partner. And you’re in good company on the road ahead – we have experience from just about every sector of society.

MedTech & Health

Compliance and safety are key factors for a health industry project. We develop product training, software guides, user instructions and pricing models for our medtech and healthcare customers. An ideal solution for systems training may be the use of screen recordings and simulations.

An image of a truck in a loading dock to illustrate industry & infrastructure which is in need of digital solutions.

Industry & Infrastructure

With products characterized by high levels of technical development, precision and compliance, and capital-intensive operations, our digital solutions are varied. We have produced training on products, equipment, compliance and safety, as well as customer training hubs and high-end PR films.

Finance & Insurance

We have worked with small and large institutions – topics have centred on compliance, sustainability, information security and anti-money laundering. To meet our clients’ requirements, we have customized solutions for their learning and competence development.

Retail & manufacturing to show digital solutions for product training, handling logistics, sustainability and sales training.

Retail & Manufacturing

Our digital solutions include design and content based on the customer’s needs. Typical topics are product training, handling and logistics, sustainability, sales training, code of conduct and safety. We have also provided inspirational sales modules and training academies.

Two collegues walking up the stairs discussing the next learning session on their ipad.

Public sector & Society

Administrative processes, regulation and policies are at the core of our projects for entities dealing with the public at large or specific stakeholders. Compliance, awareness of diversity and equal rights, conflict resolution, occupational health and financial management are topics we have dealt with using traditional e-learning or blended learning.

An image of two people to display our work with NGO's and Associations. Solutions often include gamification, role play, case-driven scenarios and animations.

NGOs & Associations

With a focus on the wellbeing of individuals and groups alike, many of our solutions have a people-centred focus. Some advocate workers’ rights, others target young people and vulnerable groups, addressing group dynamics, behaviour change and injustices. Solutions often include gamification, role play, case-driven scenarios and animations.

Our products

We offer the perfect digital learning suite

As official suppliers of powerful authoring tools and platforms, we have the technology you need

Realize the full potential of a learning management system. Our platforms provide possibilities beyond organizing your training modules – we’d be thrilled to show you!

We’d also be happy introduce you to Articulate and Vyond, to let you explore creating digital learning yourself. Work from scratch or start out with a set of branded templates.


Organize your learning material with a learning mangement system (LMS). We have options for the small organization as well as for the larger one. Talk to us about a demonstration of the options and a discussion about your needs.

Authoring tools

Dive into our authoring tools – software that lets you create learning modules with ease and great results. Interactions, animations, quizzes … you choose!

Our services

From a single course to a whole training academy

As a partner we'll give you the help you need wherever you need it

Aiming for excellence? Of course you are! So are we. To get that outcome, we’ll make the resources you need available at your fingertips.

Do you need a way to organize your training modules? Do you want one single e-learning course or a whole learning journey? Or training on a specific tool?

Our people are ready to team up with you to discuss your needs.

Analysis & Planning

Together we look at the role of learning in your organization and measure competences. We set goals for filling the gaps with the ideal pedagogical approach. And adopt a strategy based on organizational, team and individual levels.

Platform & Implementation

We install your new platform and move your old world into the new. Naturally, we make sure you’re all set up to manage it and get full use of its potential.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create content that builds competence, inspires and takes your coworkers or customers to the next level. Offer your learners topics such as onboarding, product orientation, mandatory training and skills development.

Training & Workshops

Get hands-on with your new product through certified training. Or uncover learning objectives and needs in a facilitating or needs assessment workshop.

Support & Customer success

Our knowledge base is filled with texts and videos to guide you around your product. Still, there are times when you need a personal consultation. Our support desk knows this.

Sharing knowledge

We all need to be inspired

Our free resources are a great way of staying abreast of the latest

Pop into a digital Learn Café to find some food for thought. Or discover new features of your product in a webinar. If you’re within physical reach, why not get treated to lunch and new knowledge?

Perhaps you just want the latest on digital learning to wash over you effortlessly? Then register for our newsletter and stay in the hammock.

two colleagues talking with eachother at a conference table
A coffee cup photograph and the coffee is swirling out of the cup in a beautifully artistic way

Learn Café

Our virtual barista is an expert on instructional design and didactics! Top up your coffee mug and we’ll treat you to a 45-minute presentation geared to the design phase of an e-learning project.

A picture of a workplace with multiple employees networking and discussing amongst themselves.

Inspire Live

Get treated to lunch and an inspiring talk! The topics vary, but are always current and inspirational. A perfect chance to network with like-minded people.

an image of a man at work in a work environment looking happy and content.

Lunch & Learn

Discover Articulate with lunch box at the ready. Find your quiet spot and we’ll be there to show you new features and best practices. An efficient 30 minutes of the latest.

a purple smooth blue image of an illustrated brain to illustrate inspiration


Our whitepapers provide a great basis for understanding digital learning and didactics. Draw on the experience of experts who present facts in easily digestible ways such as “Kick-start for good digital learning”.

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