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The business of being there for one another

Engagement and solidarity

A diverse array of not-for-profit organizations – sports clubs, unions, advocacy groups and wellbeing organizations – have important roles to play in our societies. They drive social, environmental or political change. Or they safeguard the rights of vulnerable groups and promote a fair and equal society.

The challenges are unique for each organization – from raising awareness to influencing policy and supporting role models and leaders. The target groups vary, with all age groups represented. The workforce often includes both professionals and volunteers, where mobilizing resource is a reality.

Yet we see a common guiding star among the entities we place in this sector – a strong sense of engagement and solidarity. We also see that many embrace digital innovation to broaden their impact and engage their learners.

This is where we can offer help.

Providing for diverse groups


Worker’s unions face unique challenges in the many categories of people they cater for – a professional staff, a body of representatives employed by a great number of different organizations and a member body that may amount to hundreds of thousands. This calls for a powerful and flexible platform for managing and disseminating training – training that needs to be adapted to the responsibility and level of knowledge of the learners and their time constraints. Blended learning is a winning concept that can meet all these requirements.

Sports clubs

The dynamics and energy found among youth are fantastic! So is the will among sports clubs to strengthen sportsmanship and fair play. Engaging leaders, parents and players in a successful way may take a bit of creative thinking – you need to cut through the noise and connect with mobile-first audiences! Luckily, there are ways to do just that. With gamification, role play and animations we can create engaging learning.

Non-governmental organizations

Many NGOs strive for a healthier and more equal society by supporting vulnerable groups. The training they want to offer learners often aim to raise awareness. The focus is on values, health, discrimination, human rights, personal safety and how to approach people in a conducive manner. An appreciated approach is case-driven scenarios where the learner gets a chance to reflect and make decisions in fictive situations.

Let us help you reach out

TicTac is committed to helping NGOs and associations that bat for others and often do so with limited resources. When the target group is diverse and sometimes take on their commitment despite an already full schedule, we recognize the need for skilfully adapted training. We develop learning programs together with our clients, with the aim to empower and engage the learner and get the message across. Our experience covers LGBTQ certifications, training for fieldwork abroad and leadership training to safely work with children.

Do you have a platform built for the future? A powerful and flexible LMS is a must when managing large training programs or when you want to keep track of who does what and when. GO+ and Docebo are built for the future and take your organization where you want to be. We’d be happy to show you what others have seen!

These are some of our clients.

All digital learning solutions in one place

- and the help you need to make it work

Now, what does that mean? Can you just come to us for … everything?

Well, just about. We’re a full-service provider, with expertise to help you with planning, implementation and development of your organization’s digital learning programs, advise you on your choice of learning methods and platforms, and assist you with building a digital learning department in your organization.

We are authorized resellers of trusted platforms and authoring tools and can help you with needs assessments and development of course contents.

So yes, we’re prepared to meet you exactly where you are, and help you get to where you want to be.

Our products and services

– a selection

A purple pink and peach image of go plus on the left and docebo on the right and a tablet, smart phone and computer containing illustrations of the systems


We have Learning Management Systems that target different needs. Whichever you choose, we can offer implementation, training opportunities, support for the future and assistance with migration.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create customized, interactive learning modules based on your source material and your needs. Animated videos, avatars or custom-created films enhance the training. With a blended learning-approach we also look at podcasts, physical/digital workshops and presentations, and discussion forums.

A purple pink and peach image of articulate 360 on the left and vyond on the right and a tablet, smart phone and computer containing illustrations of the systems

Authoring tools

Dive into our AI-powered authoring tools – software that lets you create learning modules with ease and great results. Interactions, animations, quizzes … you choose! Articulate 360 lets you create digital learning modules. With Vyond you spice them up with an animated video – or create the video as a standalone.

NGOs & Associations – a few rapid solutions

Ready-made 80%

We have a set of training modules ready to go with minimal tweaking. Give it the skin of your organization, make minimal adjustments and your course is ready to roll out.

An image with visual elements describing digital onboarding, information security, gdpr, diversity and code of conduct


To learn in bite-sized chunks, perhaps on a mobile phone or tablet, is a great way of finding time and energy for learning outside one’s regular occupation. We create training modules with responsive software that adjust the content to the learner’s device. For microlearning, the modules are kept short, typically only a few minutes each, giving the user a clear sense of progress.

An image of two female coworkers to demonstrate microlearning.

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