Sustainability / ESG

It’s our responsibility

A healthy company

- a healthy future

We recognize that the work we do affect our coworkers, our customers and our environment. And that we can only build a financially healthy company with a base of personal health, cultural health and environmental health.

This is the way we go about it.

ESG = Environment, Social and Governance

We care about the environment, we take social responsibility and we strive for sound corporate governance.

People often talk about ESG when referring to a company’s strategy and ambitions in these areas. Others just call it sustainability, as it’s all connected. At TicTac, we use both terms.


We tread carefully to leave light footprints

TicTac’s core business is based on digital tools. We strive to contribute to a better tomorrow by creating the best possible foundation for digital learning.

We are growing and with strong ties to our partners, we have fantastic opportunities – but that’s why we also place great demands on our sustainability. Our ambition is to offer the most sustainable solutions on the market. This means that we also place demands on our customers, partners and suppliers.

Our deliveries are mainly made electronically. Still, we are aware that our day-to-day business affects our climate footprint. Therefore, we limit travelling, handle administration digitally and care about electricity consumption. To follow up on our environmental work we measure our carbon footprint.


We’re in the business of people

We may be working with digital solutions, but we’re really offering solutions for people. And it all starts at home, with a healthy and safe work environment. At TicTac, we work as one team, giving one another flexibility and room to grow. We strive to be inclusive, open-minded and forward-looking.

Our company culture is a collective effort, built by all of us. These are our cornerstones:

  • We respect each other’s skills and abilities  
  • We have open doors and encourage cooperation  
  • We react to discrimination and harassment
  • We have zero tolerance for drugs
  • We are all ambassadors of our company brand
  • We protect our and our customers’ privacy and data

Everything above board

Responsible corporate governance is about transparency, having a well-functioning board and quality assurance of subcontractors. It’s also about having important functions, such as whistleblowing, in place.

To safeguard good business ethics, TicTac regularly measures a set of indicators as laid out in our internal ESG policy. They are chosen to align with Agenda 2030 and its 17 global goals as adopted by the UN member states.

Guided by passion – curiosity – excellence

Our core values are our guiding principles in everything we do. We also believe they guide us well in ESG land, if we’re passionate about our commitment to future generations, curious in every encounter with coworkers and customers, and we strive for excellence in the way we conduct business.

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