Let us inspire you

Buckle up!

Lift your spirit and find new angles

We all need these interludes in our working lives. Moments to just sit back and enjoy the show. Discover new things and get fresh ideas.

We believe the best inspiration comes with new knowledge. Being curious is in our nature, we humans are constantly looking to discover new things and be intrigued.

That’s why we set up this corner of inspiration.

TicTac Inspire Live

Get treated to lunch and an inspiring talk! The topics vary, but are always current and inspirational. A perfect chance to network with like-minded people. Check out this space for the next event in the series – and let’s hope it’s at a place near you.

A quiet corner or a networking opportunity?

That’s up to you!

Meeting like-minded people was certainly what we wanted to offer when we held our first TicTac Inspire Live. But since we’re crazy about learning, we didn’t stop there. So you have IRL-options, virtual dittos, and let-me-sit-back-and-read-this-on-my-own-and-avoid-meeting-anyone-options.

We hope you find something you like. And do check back occasionally, as this corner is alive and continues to inspire!

A coffee cup photograph and the coffee is swirling out of the cup in a beautifully artistic way

Learn Café

Plan a project

Our virtual barista is an expert on instructional design and didactics! Top up your coffee mug and we’ll treat you to a 45-minute presentation geared to the design phase of an eLearning project.

The presentation is digital and you’ll find specifics for the next event here.

A man at a café joining our digital lunch and learn event.

Lunch & Learn

Discover our products

Discover our products with lunch box at the ready. Find your quiet spot and we’ll be there to show you new features and best practices in our tools Articulate 360, Vyond, Go+ and Docebo. An efficient 30 minutes of the latest.

The presentation is digital, so book your seat, but stay in your seat!


Our whitepapers provide a great basis for understanding digital learning and didactics

Draw on the experience of experts who present facts in easily digestible ways. Why not do it in style – lean back, feet on desk and phone on mute?

If you need the whitepapers in another language, check availability with us.

Beyond the hype: Critical best practices for using AI in corporate training

Our partner Articulate takes a close look at best AI practices.

Kickstart for good digital learning

Find out which factors make digital learning a success in your company.

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