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A quick look at the Articulate 360 suite gives you an idea of its versatility

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Storyline 360

Create interactive, responsive digital learning modules from scratch.

Rise 360

Create digital learning in your web browser, using ready-made learning blocks and templates.

Content Library 360

An ever-growing library of professionally designed slide templates and images to bring your course to life.

Replay 360

Guide learners through your on-screen content by recording the screen while giving instructions.

Review 360

Collaborate with other stakeholders and get their feedback directly linked to your modules.

Peek 360

Record screencasts easily, preview and upload them or share a URL.

Studio 360

Create courses for multiple devices in PowerPoint, add scenarios, objects, screencasts and interactions.


Lightweight LMS solution primarily for external and deskless learners.


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To get off ground smoothly – and whenever you get stuck – come back and botanize among a range of resources.

Training & Workshops

Get hands-on with your new product through certified training. Or uncover learning objectives and needs in a facilitating or needs assessment workshop.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create customized, interactive learning modules based on your source material and your needs. Animated videos, avatars or custom-created films enhance the training. With a blended learning-approach we also look at pod casts, physical/digital workshops and presentations, and discussion forums.

A man at a café joining our digital lunch and learn event.

Lunch & Learn

Discover Articulate with lunch box at the ready. Find your quiet spot and we’ll be there to show you new features and best practices. An efficient 30 minutes of the latest.

Support & Customer success

Our knowledge base is filled with texts and videos to guide you around your product. Still, there are times when you need a personal consultation. Our support desk knows this.

Branded templates

You know how to create learning material, but would love a designer on your side. We can lend you one! With custom-made templated prepared for texts, images and interactive elements, all you need to do is fill them with content.

Ready-made 80%

Choose from popular topics such as onboarding, GDPR, diversity and code of conduct. Give it the skin of your organization, make minimal adjustments and the training will represent you perfectly.

Make your life easier
and your learning more accessible

Organize your training modules

Organize and distribute digital learning easily with GO+ platform, our own learning management system (LMS). GO+ is a cloud-based platform that is easily integrated with existing systems. Designed to be responsive. Works on all devices.

Create animated videos

Make your training modules more varied, interesting and lively with animated videos. Vyond is the perfect complement to Articulate 360.

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