Industry & Infrastructure

The business of making the wheels
go ‘round

A driving force in society

The role of industrial and infrastructural innovation in our societies really cannot be overestimated. This sector is essential for the world we live in, bringing to life everything from transportation systems to whole cities to modern agriculture.

The role of digitalization in the industry and infrastructure sector is increasingly important, bringing innovative solutions to age-old challenges, but also new opportunities for efficiency and sustainability.

We’re here to meet your needs

Businesses operating in this sector typically have capital-intensive operations, high technical development and strict demands for compliance. We are ready to discuss your needs, whether the challenge is scalability in your learning management system, meeting compliance with industry regulations or addressing environmental sustainability.

Our deliverables have ranged from an LMS with a training academy for tens of thousands of users, to a single product training course for external users, to inhouse code of conduct training. Whether you can fit all your staff in one small room or you plan training for a billion-euro enterprise, we’re here for you.

Stay ahead with high standards

We challenge available technology to digitalize knowledge and offer hand-in-glove solutions. Our approach keeps your workforce ahead of the competition, equipped with the latest knowledge in operational practices, safety protocols and technological advancements.

Do you aim to upskill your employees with an Excellence strategy, train your personnel in LEAN or certify your suppliers? We are experienced in helping a client with knowledge transfer that meets the high demands placed on today’s operators in industry and infrastructure.

These are some of our customers.

All digital learning solutions in one place

– and the help you need to make it work

Now, what does that mean? Can you just come to us for … everything?

Well, just about. We’re a full-service provider, with expertise to help you with planning, implementation and development of your organization’s digital learning programs, advise you on your choice of learning methods and platforms, and assist you with building a digital learning department in your organization.

We are authorized resellers of trusted platforms and authoring tools and can help you with needs assessments and development of course contents.

So yes, we’re prepared to meet you exactly where you are, and help you get to where you want to be.

Our products and services

– a selection


We have Learning Management Systems that target different needs. Whichever you choose, we can offer implementation, training opportunities, support for the future and assistance with migration.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create customized, interactive learning modules based on your source material and your needs. The training can be enhanced through animated videos, scenarios and 3D-visualizations or photographs/videos from actual locations and situations. We can also offer a blended learning-approach with podcasts, workshops and material for inhouse training.

Authoring tools

Dive into our AI-powered authoring tools – software that lets you create learning modules with ease and great results. Interactions, animations, quizzes … you choose! Articulate 360 lets you create digital learning modules. With Vyond you spice them up with an animated video – or create the video as a standalone.

Industry & Infrastructure – a few rapid solutions

Ready-made 80%

We have a set of training modules ready to go with minimal tweaking. Give it the skin of your organization, make minimal adjustments and your course is ready to roll out.

An image with visual elements describing digital onboarding, information security, gdpr, diversity and code of conduct


For targeted, bite-sized learning, our microlearning modules are ideal. They provide quick, focused training on specific topics such as compliance or product sales training. Responsive software adjusts the content to your desktop, tablet or mobile screen.

An image of two female coworkers to demonstrate microlearning.

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