Finance & Insurance

The business of making everything count

A picture of a bridge in a large city to demonstrate finance and insurance sector. Topics have centred on compliance, sustainability, information security and anti-money laundering.

A digitized industry

The digital transformation has meant more for the financial sector than for many other parts of society.

We have seen the needs and expectations for employee skills change in the last decade. Deciding factors have been compliance, data security, anti-money laundering and legislation. At the same time, corporate culture, business processes and customer relations remain highly important – for our clients and for us.

Flexible solutions for customers and employees

The finance and insurance sector has driven digitalisation in Northern Europe, introducing digital processes and modern IT infrastructure. This transformation has meant a move towards online, needs-based and asynchronous learning to bridge the knowledge gap for employees and clients. This is where our expertise comes in handy.

an office image taken from below and up of two colleagues talking to one another

Benefit from our experience

We have – throughout the changes of the sector – provided customized learning and skilling solutions to Nordic and German customers in the finance and insurance sector. As the leading provider of digital learning solutions on these markets, we have helped small businesses and large corporations to manage and roll out their training programmes.

Today, we use AI-supported tools and modern technology to offer platforms and software that give our customers the efficient, accurate training experience they are looking for.

These are some of our customers.

All digital learning solutions in one place

– and the help you need to make it work

Now, what does that mean? Can you just come to us for … everything?

Well, just about. We’re a full-service provider, with expertise to help you with planning, implementation and development of your organization’s digital learning programs, advise you on your choice of learning methods and platforms, and assist you with building a digital learning department in your organization.

We are authorized resellers of trusted platforms and authoring tools and can help you with needs assessments and development of course contents.

So yes, we’re prepared to meet you exactly where you are, and help you get to where you want to be.

Our products and services

– a selection


We offer two Learning Management Systems, targeting slightly different needs. Both come with implementation, training opportunities, support for the future and – when needed – migration.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create customized, interactive learning modules based on your source material and your needs. Animated videos, avatars or custom-created films enhance the training. With a blended learning-approach we also look at podcasts, physical/digital workshops and presentations, and discussion forums.

Authoring tools

Dive into our authoring tools – software that lets you create learning modules with ease and great results. Interactions, animations, quizzes … you choose!

Finance & Insurance
– a few rapid solutions

Ready-made 80%

We have a set of training modules ready to go with minimal tweaking. Give it the skin of your organization, make minimal adjustments and your course is ready to roll out.


For targeted training such as your customer portal, online banking page or new payment terminal, microlearning modules are the perfect way to go. Responsive software adjusts the content to your desktop, tablet or mobile screen.

An image of two female coworkers to demonstrate microlearning.

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