Platform & Implementation

Masterminds at work

Let’s consider the moves

Together we sort through what’s important for you

Your organization’s training goals are the starting point – how do you want to manage your content? We discuss how you can assess and analyse your users’ data – and if you need to do this. User experience is also important – how to navigate and access courses. Are they expected to collaborate and how do you prefer that to happen?

Looking back to head into the future, do you have existing data to migrate and how big a training academy will you eventually have? What do you want your users’ learning journeys to be like?

We’ll also discuss your other systems, your compatibility needs and if you will author your own courses.

See the options play out

We are authorized resellers of three platforms – we’d be thrilled to show them to you. A demo will highlight their respective features and we’ll make sure to point out differences and similarities.

With your needs on the one hand and the possibilities offered by each platform and their respective costs on the other, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. To make sure you’re comfortable with your choice, all platforms offer a tryout period.

The flexible solution

GO+ is our own platform and includes all important functionality of a modern LMS, with a user-friendly interface and a superb customer support (of course!). In GO+ you can create micro-learning modules directly in the platform.

The large-scale solution

Docebo is a cutting-edge solution which allows you to manage and deliver learning at scale. Docebo makes use of AI-intuitive technology to optimize learning paths and adapt to individual learner needs.

The lightweight solution

Articulate Reach is an add-on to your Articulate Teams plan. Articulate Reach offers basic LMS functionality and is an easy way to start managing your learning modules.

The game is on

Once you’ve made your decision, we will assist you with the implementation of your platform. If you are phasing out or integrating an old system, we can help you migrate your existing courses and data.

Our process is very efficient – your platform will be up and running within 3 weeks:






Onboarding & Workshops


A platform through TicTac always includes onboarding training. We’ll make sure you become confident and skilled at managing your LMS in the most optimal way.

Once past the first stretch, you may, from time to time, need support with specific things. Browse our knowledge base to find lots of useful info, guides and tips. If you don’t find it there, we’re right here – at our support desk, ready to help.

There may also come a time when you want to up your game. Then you can book further training for your team. We also offer workshops to plan learning strategies for your organization or learning journeys for individuals.

Have we piqued your interest?

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Analysis & Planning

Find out how we can help you form a strategy for learning. Together we look at the role of learning and how to find and fill knowledge gaps.

Support & Customer success

Our knowledge base is filled with texts and videos to guide you around your product. When you need a personal consultation, our support desk is waiting for your call.

Training & Workshops

Get to grips with your new product through certified training. Together we can make a plan for you or your team.

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