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MedTech & Health. Compliance and safety are key factors for a health industry project. We develop product training, software guides, user instructions and pricing models for our medtech and healthcare customers.

An impressive industry

The medical technology industry has performed impressively since the early 1990s. Despite high entry barriers, the medtech industry now consists of a diversified field of large and small entities.

Many of today’s challenges are connected to growth and shifting expectations. In this, digital innovations and solutions can play a big part.

The need for knowledge

Today’s patient is more aware and knowledgeable than ever before. The need for information and connectability is increasing. This is also true for pharmaceutical companies, medical practitioners and pharmacies, who need a connected infrastructure to better access data.

But data needs to be presented in a way that makes it possible to interpret and take action. This is one area where digital learning makes great sense. Another area is to address the knowledge gap among users of increasingly sophisticated medical equipment.

Data privacy and protection

The medtech industry needs people who are well versed in data privacy, protection guidelines and regulations, and approval processes. Meeting these requirements need not be a challenge – digital learning can address them all.

Apart from custom-made courses, we also have a range of ready-made courses on the shelf, requiring little in terms of tweaking.

Product and software training

TicTac can offer custom-made courses for training on unique products and services – for the manufacturer’s sales teams or their customers. All training is adapted to the level of the user, both in terms of technical understanding and language.

Medical equipment can be highly sophisticated and require the use of specialized software. We have developed many training packages for advanced laboratory and medical equipment, often including on-screen guidance and films that imitate real-life situations. Our customers can opt to include the training with their product, or as a standalone feature.

These are some of our customers.

All digital learning solutions in one place

– and the help you need to make it work

Now, what does that mean? Can you just come to us for … everything?

Well, just about. We’re a full-service provider, with expertise to help you with planning, implementation and development of your organization’s digital learning programs, advise you on your choice of learning methods and platforms, and assist you with building a digital learning department in your organization.

We are authorized resellers of trusted platforms and authoring tools and can help you with needs assessments and development of course contents.

So yes, we’re prepared to meet you exactly where you are, and help you get to where you want to be.

Our products and services

– a selection


We offer two Learning Management Systems, targeting slightly different needs. Both come with implementation, training opportunities, support for the future and – when needed – migration.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create customized, interactive learning modules based on your source material and your needs. Video sequences and interactive software usage guides enhance the training. Avatars and animated sequences can be used to convey messages related to patient experience and patient interaction skills.

Authoring tools

Dive into our authoring tools – software that lets you create learning modules with ease and great results. Interactions, animations, quizzes … you choose!

MedTech & Health
– a few rapid solutions

Ready-made 80%

We have a set of training modules ready to go with minimal tweaking. Give it the skin of your organization, make minimal adjustments and your course is ready to roll out.


Ensure that your business partner is compliant through a targeted training course. Microlearning modules can be a perfect way to achieve that goal. The responsive software adjusts the content to a desktop, a tablet or a mobile screen.

An image of two female coworkers to demonstrate microlearning.

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