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How do we present "us"?

Not an easy challenge. We’re the leading provider of digital learning in Northern Europe. And there are the hard facts, of course. But how to capture the soul of a business? Portray the people, what makes us tick?

Let’s just dive right into it.

TicTac in a nutshell

The hard facts
Years in business

All in one place

And the help
you need for your
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In the world of digital learning, we have gathered everything under one roof – platforms, authoring tools, training and digital content.

Many of our customers are on a learning journey. When they find themselves at a crossroads, they come to us. Together, we look at their learning and development goals and hash out a successful way forward.

We always find solutions together with our customers and value long-term relationships.

We’re proud of our wide customer base from near and far

From then to now
– a few words from our CEO

The roots of our company stretch back to the last millennium, so we’ve been in the business of digital learning under a TicTac flag for over twenty years.

When I came on board as CEO and owner of TicTac in 2009, we were a few enthusiastic, skilled people.

Today, we are no less enthusiastic and our headcount has doubled over and over. We've taken giant leaps in our field and become the leading provider of digital learning in Northern Europe. And we're looking way beyond that as we keep growing.

Growth necessarily means change and we love and welcome new challenges. Since 2021, we have an investment company onboard and have taken the company to the international arena. Today, TicTac Group consists of TicTac Sweden, TicTac Denmark and TicTac Germany.

We continue to explore new terrain – curiosity is in TicTac's DNA. That's how we stay at the forefront of what we do. #NeverStopLearning

Carolina Faxe, CEO of TicTac Group

Our Vision

To create a better tomorrow by sharing knowledge today

Our awesome employees

Some of us have worked with IT, learning or digital learning for a looong time. But we also have colleagues with backgrounds in pedagogics, finance, marketing, strategy planning, journalism and gaming, just to mention some of it. We see a strength in having people from different walks of life, as our customers deal with all areas of society.

Nerdy interests aside, you can rest assured that we’ve got cutting-edge expertise on our tech team. On the content side of things our people know the ins and outs of pedagogics, strategies and learning. Among us, we’ll find the best person for any assignment.

Our Mission

To create cutting-edge knowledge solutions that make businesses, organizations and people grow

Guided by passion – curiosity – excellence

Our core values are Passion, Curiosity and Excellence. They guide us in our commitment to the customer, in our everyday dealings with coworkers and in our ESG engagement.

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What does All in one place really mean? Check out our portfolio to find out – and to find inspiration for your learning journey.


Who are we and what makes us tick? Check in to see if you feel at home – and meet some of us as a bonus!


We are dedicated to advancing the younger generation, non-profit organizations and female entrepreneurship. Of course we’re also committed to checking our carbon footprint along the way.

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