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If you hit a snag with your platform or authoring tool, our knowledge base is the first place to look for a solution. Here you’ll find articles, explanations, how-to videos and our best tips and tricks to get you sorted.

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If you’re still stuck, open a ticket with our support desk. It’s easy and you’ll hear back from our support team often within a business day.

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Over to our knowledge base and support desk

If you’re not a customer yet

We’d love you to become one – have a look at these products

Platform & Implementation

When you’re looking at an LMS we can guide you through the process of finding the right product. Naturally, we also make sure you get it up and running

The flexible solution

GO+ is our own platform and includes all important functionality of a modern LMS, with a user-friendly interface and a superb customer support (of course!). In GO+ you can create micro-learning modules directly in the platform.

Create digital learning yourself

Explore the possibilities with Articulate 360! Start creating digital learning today by using one of the authoring tools built into the suite. And carry on tomorrow by involving your coworkers to comment and contribute.

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