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Manage your LMS

It’s never “plug-and-play” when big systems are involved. Yes, they may be plugged in easily and they may play very well – but to orchestrate with success, you need a conductor.

As you are the maestro of your platform, we want you to feel at ease, fully aware of the possibilities of the system and how to make it deliver what you need. After setting up your LMS for you, we offer onboarding training. We can also customize further training and workshops.

Why not start by looking at what we have off the shelf?

Training and workshops to build your LMS skills

Docebo Pick Me Up

2 hrs on-site / virtual session

Docebo Features

5 hrs on-site / virtual session

Docebo deep dive​ - Elevate your processes

6 hrs on-site / virtual session

GO+ Workshop

2 hrs on-site / virtual session

Creating certification programs​

Full day on-site​


Develop your creation skills

Being a learning organization means saying yes to continuous training. Our authoring tools offer much more than initially meets the eye. Sometimes, all you need is some inspiration – you’ll find plenty of that on our Inspiration page. But for the long run, you may want a hands-on guide to open up the possibilities of your authoring tool.

Welcome to our sessions!

Training and workshops for developing your creation skills

Certified Articulate 360 Training

Choose between eLearning, virtual training or team training

Instructional Design for Subject Matter Experts

Choose between eLearning or team training

Articulate Storyline 360 - getting started training - virtual

2+2 hrs virtual session

Accessibility in Storyline 360 - eLearning

5 hrs self-study

Articulate Rise 360

Choose between eLearning or team training

Vyond - getting started training

Choose between virtual training or team training

Learning & Development

Work on the foundation

Do you want to get a bird’s-eye view of your organization? Pave the way for success by looking at strategies for learning and their impact. A job task analysis will redefine the way you work with skills mapping and instructional design. Or choose our synergy workshop specifically geared to the learning organization.

Training and workshops for your strategic skills

Training impact and company maturity level

2 hrs on-site / virtual

New learning projects

Full day on-site

Instructional design

Full day on-site / virtual

Blended learning

4 hrs on-site

Add-on: Job Task Analysis

Full day on-site + 2 virtual sessions

Partnership for the future

We see our customer’s success as part of our success

Customers who turn to our support desk and knowledge base – or drop in at our free webinars – can tell a story of continuous learning. Find out more!


Every now and then, we all need a spark to ignite our creative fire. And the best inspiration comes with new knowledge. Check out what we have in store for you, all free of charge as inspiration should be.

Support & Customer success

Our knowledge base is filled with texts and videos to guide you around your product. Still, there are times when you need a personal consultation. Our support desk knows this.

Analysis & Planning

Read more about the way we look at the role of learning and filling knowledge gaps.

Organize your training modules

Organize and distribute digital learning easily with GO+ platform, our own learning management system (LMS). GO+ is a cloud-based platform that is easily integrated with existing systems. Designed to be responsive. Works on all devices.

Platform & Implementation

We install your new platform and move your old world into the new. Naturally, we make sure you’re all set up to manage it and get full use of its potential.

Two collegues discussing solutions after training session with our e-learning tools.

Design & Content production

We create content that builds competence, inspires and takes your coworkers or customers to the next level. Offer your learners topics such as onboarding, product orientation, mandatory training and skills development.

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