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juggle the ingredients

Before firing up the stove to create content, we need a number of ingredients from you – a set of learning objectives, a well-defined target group, structured source material, a desired timeline and a budget.

It’s a lot to ask for. And we don’t.

We often help our customer define the learning objectives, suggest how to condense the material, and discuss budgetary and time constraints. This work is a joint effort and can be done through meetings, workshops or target group and gap analyses.

Get together for a workshop

Digital learning starts and ends with people. A workshop is a great way to draw a team together, to clarify vision and purpose, to brainstorm ideas and concepts – and to arrive at a set of learning objectives. Get in touch to discuss the best way to get off ground.


Tapas for dinner

We offer productions at different levels depending on target group, budget and time schedules. The difference between yesterday’s digital learning experience and one that touches on tomorrow’s possibilities may be only one ingredient away.

But the best thing is, choosing one format doesn’t take other choices off the table. We can have tapas for dinner. In the learning and development world we call it blended learning.

Blended learning, with its charming way of combining the strengths of different formats, is a great way to create even more variation and to find the best pedagogical approach for each part of a course or training. Together we discuss suitable formats.

Interactive videos





Social learning / forums

Material for tutor-led training

Workshops and seminars

Language adaption


Save time with a takeaway

If your organization needs to address something of importance, like everyone else, you may find that we have a product on the shelf. Have a look at our courses that are 80% ready, add your personal 20% spice and serve within a few hours!

Introduction to GDPR and personal data

Introductory course for every organization that needs to comply with GDPR. This means most of us, as most organizations sends emails or handles personal data.

Code of Conduct

This course covers all that’s needed to comply with the law. It’s also a guide for how to interact with one another in the workplace, how to act responsibly, and how to represent your organisation to others.

Information Security

This course is a good foundation for working safely and effectively with information. Offers the option to include your IT policy for download.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an important factor for both productivity and performance. This course helps to understand what diversity means and how you can show your commitment to embracing differences in the workplace.


This course is structured to cover all important practical information and is a great place to also show your company brand and core values, and to convey your history. Offers the option to include your company standards for download (code of conduct, policies etc.).

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Training & Workshops

Draw your team together and come to conclusions through a targeted workshop. Or level up your knowledge via one of our training courses.

Platform & Implementation

When you’re looking at an LMS we can guide you through the process of finding the right product. Naturally, we also make sure you get it up and running.

Analysis & Planning

Find out how we can help you form a strategy for learning. Together we look at the role of learning and how to find and fill knowledge gaps.

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