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It’s always exciting to help a customer set up their training academy. That often means a comprehensive approach and many stones to turn, and the road can be bumpy at times, but when ready to launch we want there to be an academy to be proud of – for both the customer and us.

The challenge

We highly value our cooperation with Orkla Foods – producers of a wide range of well-known brands of snacks, grocery items and foods. Their vision was a sustainability academy on a reliable platform, filled with a huge amount of learning material – all merged together into a streamlined engaging experience for the end users.

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The solution

The solution is an absolute information trove managed via GO+, TicTac’s own platform! The content modules where created in Articulate Rise 360 and connected to forums for continued dialogues.

Apart from setting up the LMS, we created 4 hours of learning and helped convert another 14 h of existing material, all resulting in engaging eLearning under headings such as Environmental engagement, Sustainable sourcing and Nutrition.

The impact

It’s been a great adventure to help Orkla Foods provide knowledge about the food industry and their products and we applaud their ambition to be transparent and relevant in their field. Badges are earned upon approval and shared proudly in social media.

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Pia Wilhemson

I’m so proud of the collaboration, our team and of course – the final result!

Pia Wilhelmson, Account and Project Manager TicTac Learn

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