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The initiative for the training solution was born out of a shared vision between Malmö FF Foundation and Friends, centred on the belief that all children and youths should be able to participate in their sport on their own terms, without fear of bullying and harassment. The primary stakeholders include Malmö FF Foundation, Friends, football coaches, as well as children and youths who indirectly access the training content through their coaches.

The challenge

The challenge lay in creating an educational platform with engaging content, capable of effectively raising awareness and combating bullying in its various forms - on the field, online and during matches - while also inspiring team spirit, respect and role modeling.

The solution

By utilizing GO+ for packaging and Articulate Rise to create interactive and engaging modules, an educational platform that is both pedagogically sound and visually appealing was developed. All developed and branded into a mobile friendly solution. The training included self-assessment tests, warm-up modules, and segments focused on different aspects of bullying and role modeling, concluded with videos and exercises led by ambassadors from Malmö FF Foundation.

The impact

The training has the potential to effect positive change by increasing awareness of bullying, strengthening bonds between players and coaches, and promoting a culture of respect and community within youth sports. The use of well-known ambassadors helped to amplify the message and uniquely engage the target audience. Through a combination of visual design, engaging content and credible role models, the project has successfully addressed a critical social issue while contributing to a stronger and more inclusive sports culture. Embracing this transformative journey, the collaborative effort between Malmö FF Foundation and Friends demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to nurturing an environment where respect, dignity and unity flourish in the heart of youth sports. This initiative stands as a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a future where every young athlete can chase their dreams in a space free from the shadows of bullying, armed with the strength of community and the spirit of sportsmanship.
When I hear the word role model, I think of a person who dares to be fully themselves. Who accepts that everyone is different and that different is good.
Zećira Mušović, soccer player in the Swedish national team and Chelsea FC
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