In the cleaning industry, the diverse backgrounds of employees often lead to significant communication barriers due to language differences. This diversity, while enriching, poses a formidable challenge in training staff efficiently. Traditional training methods fall short as they rely heavily on multilingual translations, which are not always effective or feasible due to the sheer variety of languages spoken by employees.

Hollu Systemhygiene GmbH specializes in system hygiene and faces the challenge of training a linguistically diverse workforce efficiently and effectively. The primary beneficiaries, the employees, need an immersive, language-neutral onboarding process to make their transition smooth and effective.

The challenge

The main challenge was to develop an eLearning platform that can effectively train employees in essential cleaning procedures, without the constraints imposed by language differences.

Linguistic diversity has in the past led to significant communication barriers within the workforce, so there was a critical need to train employees in a practical, efficient and engaging manner, without relying on text or audio in multiple languages.

The solution

The innovative solution to these challenges is the Cleaning Made Easy eLearning course made using Vyond. Designed to be completely language-neutral, this course uses animations, graphics and videos to demonstrate cleaning procedures. To make it universally understood, the course avoids textual and auditory instructions.

By integrating simulations and interactive elements from Articulate Storyline 360, the course allows employees to practice and apply their knowledge in realistic virtual scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that learning is not only engaging but also highly effective.

The course was packaged as a SCORM module for easy integration into hollu’s Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring accessibility and trackability.

To introduce the course within the company, a comprehensive campaign was launched, including the use of social media, press releases and a teaser video, all designed to generate excitement and ensure widespread adoption.

The impact

The Cleaning Made Easy course has had a transformative impact on the industry. The immersive, interactive format has significantly increased employee engagement with the training material. The visual and simulation-based approach has enabled employees from various nationalities to learn by overcoming language barriers and enhancing understanding, while also reducing potential miscommunications.

The flexibility of the course allows employees to train independently, which saves time and resources by reducing the need for in-person training sessions. The engaging and accessible nature of the course has improved the overall onboarding process and helped lower the typically high turnover rates in the cleaning industry.

The innovative approach of the course earned it the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the Promotion category, further validating its effectiveness and impact on the industry.

We are proud to have developed an innovative eLearning project for hollu Systemhygiene GmbH. It is language-independent and was produced using Vyond. This solution was honoured with an eLearning award, which fills us with pride. Thank you, hollu, for the challenge and for great teamwork in developing the solution!
Julia Wilcke, Account Manager, TicTac Learn

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