June 28, 2024

TicTac Group acquires Skillhabit

TicTac Group acquires Skillhabit – a strategic move towards cutting-edge AI-driven digital learning
May 27, 2024

IU International University of Applied Sciences chooses Vyond

IU International University of Applied Sciences has now chosen TicTac Learn and Vyond
April 2, 2024

TicTac receives award for language-neutral eLearning

The eLearning Journal awards TicTac Learn their Promotions category AWARD 2024 for “Cleaning made easy: Language-neutral eLearning”.
January 14, 2024

TicTac and Artificial Intelligence – a deployment strategy

The most common barriers to proper AI deployment are legal concerns, leadership questions and lack of knowledge. Let us share how we navigate these waters.
December 5, 2023

Medical equipment manufacturer Atos Medical chooses Vyond

Atos Medical has now chosen Vyond. Together with companies and organizations such as Amazon, they are in good company in their choice of solution.