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Full day on-site

Unleash impactful learning products - a synergy of Kirkpatrick, Job Task Analysis and Digital Learning Solutions.

Ready to embark on your journey to impactful learning products? Reach out to us at TicTac Learn and let's start creating a brighter, more knowledgeable future together!

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Available in Swedish and English. Suitable for companies with new large learning projects with business impact.

Full day on-site


Our mission is clear: To assist companies in creating learning products that go beyond the norm. By synergizing the Kirkpatrick model with the precision of Job Task Analysis, we pave the way for training solutions that truly make a difference.

With our process, we don't stop at planning; we leverage proven techniques like Bloom's taxonomy to meticulously dissect your overarching learning goals into specific, achievable learning objectives. This ensures that your content not only educates but truly engages your audience.


The result of our partnership is a high-level learning plan for your project, well-structured and with a clear path forward.​


  • TicTac Introduction​
  • Learning Impact model​
  • Planning for performance​
  • Pedagogic Models​
  • Blended learning​
  • Job task analysis​
  • Peer instruction​
  • Training portfolio management​