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Two trends

From Fosway Group’s 2024 report, we can see two major trends:

Skills and skills intelligence are increasingly setting the agenda for digital learning

From the report, we note that organizations focusing on skills and using AI to support development and talent mobility are going through a big change. This change is happening even faster as Learning and Development (L&D) teams work to meet the growing demand for skills within HR and talent management. Learning teams now need to make sure skills are aligned not just with the overall goals of their company, but also that learning solutions cater for the specific needs of each person or team.

Leading companies are not only changing their approach to learning, but are also creating spaces where employees can find new opportunities and move up or around in their careers, with the help of AI. AI helps match employees' skills quickly and widely with different chances for growth, like learning from mentors, coaches, working on assignments, joining projects or moving into new roles.

AI is driving automation in the content workflow

AI, a technology that thrives on prediction, has found an ideal application in digital learning content production. Almost every digital learning vendor is now investing in generative AI technology in their content development workflow. Many are already seeing significant time savings in topic research, script drafting, storyboarding, media asset creation and translation. But care has to be taken to ensure proper oversight for quality, relevance and accuracy, as well as security and privacy measures to protect data and intellectual property. AI has changed content production for ever.

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