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Docebo Pick Me Up

2 hrs on-site / virtual session

Refreshment for administrators - Increase knowledge and productivity​.

Are you new to Docebo and there are topics you need help with? Or you are already a veteran, but need help to wrap your head around new functionality? We are here to help.

Product information

Available in Swedish and English. Suitable for administrators.

2 hrs on-site or virtual session.

We will show you the features and functionalities that are interesting to you - and how to implement them in your processes.​

Our experts will bring you up to speed. This training will save you many hours of searching and trying by yourself.​


This training is to brush up the knowledge of administrators and power users of Docebo LMS.

New administrators or power users can improve their knowledge of common and advanced features.​


Administrators and power users who feel they are missing knowledge about certain features of the platform or who want more insight into specific features of Docebo are welcome to book this training.

Contact us at TicTac Learn to get started! ​


  • Introduction to the key feature​
  • How to work with the feature​
  • How to include it in the existing process​

After the training, the customer will have a good understanding of the feature. ​

The workshop will be customized much depending on which features are of interest.​

Common features: ​

  • Users & enrollment​
  • Courses & behaviour​
  • Pages and menues​
  • Notifications & certification​
  • Reports​

Advanced features:​

  • Skills​
  • Gamification​
  • Social learning​
  • E-commerce​
  • Extended Enterprise