Docebo Features

5 hrs on-site / virtual session

Quickly get on board with the most important topics without having to start from the very beginning yourself.

We are here to help! We'll tailor the training according to your level of knowledge and needs.​

Product information

Available in Swedish, German and English. Suitable for administrators and power users.

5 hrs on-site or virtual session.


This training is especially for the users that need an onboarding to the platform or want to advance their knowledge about the platform in a broader spectrum.​


The training will make administrators and power users experts of the Docebo LMS by looking at a broader range of features. This will improve the way the LMS is utilized within the organization, with optimizing processes and activation needed features.

Contact us at TicTac Learn to get started! ​


  • 1h Training: Feature 1​
  • 1h Training: Feature 2​
  • 1h Training: Feature 3​
  • 1h Training: Feature 4​
  • 1h Training: Feature 5​
  • Improvement plan​

After the training with administrators and power users will have a broader understanding for the platform and its processes. TicTac will provide the customer with an improvement plan on what has been discussed during the training sessions.​

The workshop will be customized much depending on which features are of interest.​

Common features: ​

  • Users & enrollment​
  • Courses & behaviour​
  • Pages and menues​
  • Notifications & certification​
  • Reports​

Advanced features:​

  • Skills​
  • Gamification​
  • Social learning​
  • E-commerce​
  • Extended Enterprise​​