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Docebo deep dive​ - Elevate your processes

6 hrs on-site / virtual session

Are you in need of fixing pain points? Has your need when it comes to your platform changed since you started with Docebo?

Often platforms are considered old when they are not working as expected. Instead of throwing it away for a new investment, we provide you with help to bring your LMS up to speed.

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Available in Swedish, German and English.

6 hrs on-site or virtual session.

We help you bring your LMS up to speed. Together we look through your current needs, new functionalities and guide you on how to update the platform so that you again will experience the power of your LMS.​

Let us share our extensive experience with platforms and L&D, to make your experience better and your life easier.​


During this workshop we will be focusing on your pain points and how to improve setups, so that processes are running as smoothly as possibile.​


This workshop is for everyone with a problem or a pain point concerning their LMS and who needs help finding a way forward. We will provide you with knowledge of the features and different setups - from our Implementation specialists to our Learning&Development specialist.

Contact us at TicTac Learn to get started! ​​



  • Discovery call on problem/pain points​
  • Workshop: Defining the pain points​
  • Workshop: Process description​
  • Workshop: Improvement planning​
  • Improvement plan from TicTac​
  • Follow up​

​After the workshop, the client will have a good understanding of how to improve the processes around the problem area / pain points.

This training is personally tailored to the customer and will include a follow up, where we are checking in to see if the improvements are stable over time and if the situation is satisfactory.​