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Creating certification programs​

Full day on-site​

Learn how to integrate a certification program into your LMS.

Let us share our extensive experience, starting from the strategic level and guiding you through the seamless integration of certification programs into your LMS.​ Ready to embark on your certification journey?

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Available in Swedish and English.

Full-day on-site​.


Our primary goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the essential prerequisites for a successful certification program implementation. Through the application of time-tested methodologies, we lay a robust foundation for you to build a portfolio of certification products with confidence.​


The result is a profound comprehension of all the necessary steps to create a portfolio of certification programs tailored to your organization's needs.

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  • Introduction to certification guideline​
  • Workshop: Defining one role​
  • Workshop: Selecting delivery modalities​
  • Workshop: Defining LMS functions​

After the workshop, the client will have a good understanding of how to create and manage certification programs in their organization.​

The workshop will be customized much depending on which learning management system (LMS) that they are planning to use for this purpose.

Implementing certification program framework​.