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Blended learning

4 hrs on-site

The power of using different formats.

Ready to explore the benefits of using a blended learning approach? We'll guide you through the process and help you create your own tool for defining the best combination of learning for your needs.

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Available in Swedish and English.

4 hrs on-site


We dive into your existing materials and expertly dissect them into training nuggets that perfectly match your target group and objectives. Leveraging proven methodologies like Bloom's taxonomy, we reformat your content to seamlessly integrate with the Learning Management System (LMS) of your choice.


The result is a good understanding of blended learning and how it can enable effective training deployment. You will receive your own personalized blended learning tool template along with a detailed best practice guideline to ensure you can apply your new skills immediately.

 This workshop includes an Excel-based tool handout that the client can use themselves in their organization.


  • Blended learning tool introduction​
  • Workshop: Setting tool parameters​
  • Workshop: Defining modalities​
  • Workshop: Calibrating the tool