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Add-on: Job Task Analysis

Full day on-site + 2 virtual sessions

This workshop is an add-on to our workshop titled "New learning projects". This time we empower learning excellence through​ Job Task Analysis​.

Are you prepared to elevate your learning products to new heights, ensuring they go beyond mere knowledge transfer to create real-world impact?​ At TicTac, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of the Job Task Analysis methodology to redefine the way you work with recruitment, skills mapping and instructional design.

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Available in Swedish and English. Suitable for companies with new large learning projects with business impact.

Full day on-site + 2 virtual sessions


At the heart of our approach lies our Visual Job Task Analysis methodology. Through an in-depth analysis of job roles, tasks, and responsibilities, we acquire a profound understanding of the exact skills and knowledge essential for success. This invaluable data forms the very essence of your learning content, ensuring it is profoundly relevant and in harmony with the evolving demands of the job.​

This profound insight empower you to differentiate what thrives in an instructor-led environment and what excels in a digital learning setting.


Our collaboration culminates in a job task chart for your chosen role. Along with a practical guideline this will enable you to create a structure to manage training & performance for the most important jobs in your organization.​

Ready to embark on your journey towards performance based training? Reach out to us at TicTac Learn and let's embark on the path to a brighter, more knowledgeable future together!


  • Learning impact processes​
  • Understanding content/context​
  • Job Task Analysis methodology​
  • Workshop session to define the role​

This workshop requires the client to select a role and together from exisiting materials and generic job descriptions we create a job task chart for that role.​

2 separate follow-up sessions (virtual) to finalize the work with the job task chart.