Instructional Design for Subject Matter Experts - eLearning

Available in English and German. Suitable for new users. Learn to plan your next eLearning project and create well-designed digital learning content. Length: 6-8 hrs (self-study)

Instructional Design for Subject Matter Experts, who want to convert their specialist knowledge or classroom training into digital learning content.

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Available in English and German. Suitable for new users.


Empower your Subject Matter Experts to transform their extensive knowledge into well-designed digital learning content. Preserve this expertise and make it accessible to everyone at all times. This training helps to understand the basics of important aspects of instructional design and to apply this knowledge to a project.


Knowledge of how to plan eLearning and analyze which content should be provided for each participant.

An understanding of the ADDIE model, which helps achieving the perfect eLearning step by step.


Digital learning​​

  • Introduction to instructional design​
  • ADDIE - Modell​
  • Development of the analysis and design phases using a practical example​
  • Defining learning objectives​
  • eLearning structures​
  • Use of media ​
  • Learner engagement​
  • Learning success control

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Suitable for new users.