Accessibility in Storyline 360 - eLearning

Available in English and German. Suitable for advanced users. Basic knowledge of Storyline 360 is required. Make sure you know how to create accessible learning material so that your content knows no barriers. Length: 5 hrs (self-study)

In some cases already a legal requirement, accessibility is also important for eliminating barriers for users.

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Available in English and German. Suitable for advanced users.


Offer flawless learning experience for all learners.

In some cases it's already a legal requirement, but it's also important to instructional designers that their digital courses can be experienced by everyone without barriers.

Accessibility encompasses various aspects that need to be taken into account in the authoring tool. This requires knowledge of barriers and how to avoid them.


After the training, you will be aware of the barriers that can occur depending on the target group and learning content. You know how to offer accessible content in Storyline 360 by making the right settings and displaying the learning content. Practical exercises will allow you to experience the difference during this training course.


Accessibility in Storyline 360​

  • Introduction Accessibility in digital learning
  • Preparing SL File ​
  • Implementation of accessible learning content​
  • Testing​
  • Practice exercise​
  • Further information​

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For advanced users​ or new users with some experience and basic knowledge.