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The background of the project revolves around the ongoing issue in Sweden’s construction sector, where faults and defects cause millions of kronor in damages annually. Boverket – the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning – aimed to address this persistent issue through a tailored educational program. The primary stakeholders are Boverket, construction inspectors, developers with organizational and control responsibilities and other construction industry professionals.

The challenge

The main challenge was the scattered nature of existing learning resources, which were hard to access and often not tailored to individual learning needs. There was a lack of cohesive understanding across various roles within the construction industry, with individuals often not taking responsibility for the broader implications of their work.

The solution

The solution was a new blended learning concept integrated into a learning platform, designed for reusability in multiple productions. This approach allows users to embark on personalized learning journeys at their own pace, choosing from a wide array of learning modules, interactive challenges and practical tools. The educational content is made accessible through various formats, including filmed lectures and podcasts, ensuring engagement and effective learning transfer.

Both TicTac and Boverket are very pleased with this new way of packaging blended learning. The professional setup with the poster as the "front page" creates curiosity about the content and makes it easy for the target groups to choose what they want to learn more about. The fact that the content is tailored to the participant's role, competence and experience is motivating and we believe this is the key to achieving the goals.

Elisabeth Kennebjörk, Project manager

The impact

The innovative solution not only meets Boverket’s expectations but has also been well-received by the target audience, who finds it a practical guide in their daily work. This approach facilitates a better understanding across different roles in the construction industry, thereby aiming to reduce costly errors and damages. The solution also pushes creative boundaries, successfully integrating various learning formats. This caters to different preferences and technical capabilities, thereby enhancing learning outcomes.

This comprehensive solution highlights how thoughtful educational design can effectively address industry-specific challenges, leading to significant improvements in professional standards, operational efficiency and user engagement.

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