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Certified Articulate 360 Training

Choose between eLearning, virtual training or team training

Certified training available in English and German. Suitable for new to advanced users.

Get to know Articulate 360 with all its possibilities. See Product information below for details of our options. Go to our shop to book either eLearning or virtual training (open enrolment). Or get in touch to book separate training for your team (virtual or on-site).

Product information

Available in English and German. Suitable for new to advanced users.

This training is offered in three different formats to suit your needs. They all take you to the same competency level:

Open enrolment: This option consists of 3 full-day virtual live training sessions combined with 6-8 hours self-study training. Book in our shop, where you’ll find available dates for the virtual session.

eLearning: This option consists of online modules that offer total flexibility as you study when it suits you and at your own pace. Plan for 4-5 days of studies. You can get support in our weekly office hour.

Team training: This option means that we give dedicated on-site training or private virtual training for your team of up to 12 participants. Contact us to request a quote and discuss details.

All options

All options will give you certified training. If you are new to Articulate, you’ll get a good start – if you’re more seasoned, you will deepen your knowledge.

The training takes you from basic to complex applications. For the open enrolment option, you'll create your first courses in Articulate Rise 360 and Storyline 360. You can refer to your courses whenever needed.

After the training, you'll feel confident and save a lot of time compared to self-exploration and discovery of all possibilities in the tools.

Each participant will receive the official certificate and, upon completion, an additional six months of access to our online modules for reference.


Articulate Desktop App & Articulate Rise 360

  • Studio 360
  • Replay 360
  • Peek 360
  • A360 Training
  • Content Library 360
  • Review 360
  • Rise 360

Storyline 360 Basic

  • Basic building blocks
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Zoom Region
  • Text
  • External content
  • Marker
  • Hotspots
  • Drag & drop interaction
  • Player settings
  • Publishing options

Storyline 360 Expert

  • Quiz slides
  • Graded question
  • Form/slide view
  • Quiz functions and feedback
  • Hotspot
  • Surveys
  • Freeform question
  • Questions import from Excel
  • Question bank
  • Result slides

Storyline 360 Advanced

  • Simulations
  • Screen casts
  • Motion paths
  • Slider and dial
  • Introduction to variables
  • Text variable
  • Number variable
  • JavaScript
  • True/False variable
  • Built-in page number variables
  • Bonus material & additional resources