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The acquisition is part of TicTac Group's strategic journey to solidify its position as the market leader in Europe, offering the best technology and the most comprehensive range of learning solutions and services. "We are very excited to welcome Skillhabit to the TicTac family. Skillhabit has developed a remarkable platform that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify and accelerate the creation and delivery of learning experiences. This is a perfect fit for our vision to provide the best learning solutions and services to our customers, and to help them achieve their learning and business goals," says Carolina Faxe, CEO of TicTac Group.

Skillhabit already has international customers across Northern Europe, including German clients. The platform has proven to be effective and efficient in creating and delivering engaging learning experiences for various purposes, such as employee training and customer & partner education.

The acquisition will also benefit Skillhabit's existing customers, who will get access to TicTac Group's extensive network of learning experts, consultants and partners, as well as its broader portfolio of learning solutions and services.

"We are excited that the Skillhabit platform will now be introduced to TicTac's blue chip customer base across Northern Europe. We see a perfect match with TicTac's strong presence in the market and Skillhabit's innovative technology and focus on end user experience,” says Hellen Wohlin Lidgard, founder of Skillhabit.

TicTac Group is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, and has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Berlin. TicTac Group serves over 4,000 customers across Europe, including some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in various sectors, such as finance, healthcare, education and public administration.

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