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Vyond – our partner for video creation and animation

Vyond is a tool trusted by most Fortune 500 companies – and it has just become even better. With newly implemented AI functionality you can go from a simple text input to a full animated movie with voice-over in minutes! Vyond has a given place in your L&D team and your communication department.

Articulate – our partner for content creation and a best-in-class learning experience

Articulate has huge AI updates and EU-hosting in the pipeline! With the award-winning apps Articulate Rise 360 and Storyline 360, 12+ million stock assets, a project review app to collect feedback from reviewers and online training led by industry experts, there is nothing quite like it. Your Articulate suite also includes exclusive collaboration features, like shared templates in Storyline 360 and creating and editing courses simultaneously in Articulate Rise 360.

Docebo – our partner as the frontrunner of AI and learning platforms

Docebo is more than an LMS. It’s the foundation on which the future of learning is built. This is why innovation is the driving force behind the platform – with AI at its core.

Docebo harnesses the power of AI to accelerate content production, automate workflows and improve learner experience. We compare it to doubling the size of your team without adding headcount. Bigger impact, greater results.

Place yourself at the centre of attention

Are you creating content yourself? We offer the best solutions on the market and by subscribing to them, you get continuous updates and access to new features you don’t want to miss out on.

Do you want to harness the results of AI-produced content without using the tools yourself? Our teams offer more than just training and know-how – we also offer productions and comprehensive academies.

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