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Hi Robert! Welcome to TicTac! You joined us a while ago and hopefully have settled in by now. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi there!

My name is Robert, I’m 40 and I live in Finspång, Sweden with my wife and three children. I’ve worked in IT and customer support for almost 13 years and have covered every aspect of support – from first line to third line team lead and manager.

I have plenty of experience in IT and along the way I’ve picked up a range of extra skills that I hope will be of use here at TicTac.

Sounds good! What will your role be at TicTac? And what does this entail?

I’ve been working as support manager since October 2022 and have overall responsibility for customer support at TicTac. I oversee the daily operations of TicTac’s customer support department, organise the customer support team and help other colleagues with issues relating to customer support. I deal with reports and statistics on case volumes received and let other departments know about any trends in customer communication and behaviour.

My aim is to build a first-rate support provision and create tools to help both our customers and the employees who carry out support.

That sounds great – we wish you good luck! So what do you most look forward to working on at TicTac? What do want to learn?

I’ve met lots of colleagues who have such a great positive attitude that you cannot help but let it rub off on you, and I cannot wait to continue working with them. Seeing colleagues grow and helping them overcome challenges are what drives me. I’ve found there to be a great sense of team spirit here and I’m looking forward to being part of that in the future.

Working directly with customers is just as important to me, as that’s what gets you direct feedback on whether you’ve done a good job or whether there’s room for improvement. Developing and establishing processes and procedures was a key part of my last job and I’m sure that this is something I can bring to the table with TicTac’s journey towards becoming a global player.

I naturally want to build on my knowledge of e-learning and the technologies associated with it. The journey of personal development is equally important to me. I follow it by building good relationships and exchanging knowledge with others.

And finally, of course, I would like to ask what never stop learning means to you!

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. I work hard to continually improve my knowledge and challenge myself. I think it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and that’s often the best way to learn new things and develop new skills, even if it might feel tough at times.

Never stop learning also means adapting TicTac’s philosophy on customer support, learning from our customers every day at the same time as helping them with their learning.

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