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A while ago the writing team gained a new member in the shape of Katarina Molander.

Hello and welcome to TicTac, Katarina! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi there! I’m a language consultant and copywriter. I’m actually a bit of a chameleon – I enjoy jumping in and helping out wherever I’m needed – but writing is my primary role. That’s the best thing about e-learning: I get to write a lot about so many different things.

Sounds like fun! What does our motto “Never stop learning” mean for you?

That there is always something for you to learn or get better at. My own goal is to learn something new every day. It might be something that is world-changing (for me), or something very small. Every piece of the puzzle counts. That’s something I want to bring to my job.

What made you choose TicTac?

I got into e-learning by chance, right after I graduated, and I’ve been working with it ever since. I previously worked in niche parts of the business, but at TicTac I get to explore so many different areas. I really enjoy it!

So do we! What do you hope to learn more about at TicTac?

That’s a tough question. As much as possible. But to be more specific, one of my goals would be to become really, really good at writing and creating courses that are educationally smart and get participants to feel that it’s fun to learn new things. And that what they are learning is relevant and helps them to progress, of course.

We wish you a warm welcome Katarina!

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