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Nine years of collaboration and going stronger than ever – TicTac Learn is to continue as an official partner of Malmö FF. Working together, Malmö FF and TicTac aim to develop their partnership to help give young people the opportunity to grow. Naturally, TicTac will continue to provide its digital platform for Malmö FF’s work on its policies and values and will appear on all the kits for the women’s, esports and youth teams.

With the club’s community work and focus on youth football, TicTac has been a key part of Malmö FF’s evolution since the agreement was signed in 2014. This collaboration is set to intensify further with TicTac extending its commitment as an official partner.

- TicTac is an important player, a reliable partner and a brand that has been very important to Malmö FF and the development of the club over the years, first and foremost in terms of the Skåne Cup, Malmö FF in the community, and our investment in women’s football. We’re delighted to continue our journey as partners and continue further along this road together, explains Marketing and Communications Manager Anna Nordström Carlsson of Malmö FF.

Malmö FF and TicTac are both looking forward to continuing work on developing and strengthening youth operations. Their shared vision is one of an open and equal society in which young people have the opportunity to grow.

- We are looking forward to more years of success with Malmö FF. What drives us is the aim of providing children and young people with opportunities to explore their passions while also focusing on learning and knowledge. Setting a good example will help us shape the talents of the future, both on and off the pitch, says CEO and Owner Carolina Faxe of TicTac Learn.

Malmö FF’s women’s team is storming its way through the leagues and this season will be playing in Division 1, a success-filled journey TicTac has been part of from the start in 2020. Supporting the women with their continued successes and working with a winning team was a natural choice for TicTac.

- We’re incredibly proud to continue to have TicTac as a kit partner for our women’s and esport teams. This is a source of great inspiration and continues to give our teams the opportunity to improve and develop, explains Anna Nordström Carlsson.

TicTac is a leader in e-learning in Northern Europe and their platforms are a key element in Malmö FF’s work on its values and policies. The company is based in Malmö but operates throughout Europe, just like Malmö FF.

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